bunnies everywhere

bunnies everywhere

We host free board game meetups at the Osterville Village Library (map) every Sunday from 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM. Each week we bring about 50 games from our growing library and encourage people to bring their own. You’ll find everything from role-playing games to brain-burning Euros, family games, party games, classic Americana (think Monopoly and Clue), the latest titles and more.

It’s been great to be part of Reboot the last few months- and that’s what it feels like. Not just pay a few dollars, go to an event, and play games, but be part of a gaming community.

— Lori, Mashpee

Will and Dave do an absolutely Funtastic job! Getting people to put down a screen, meet new people, try new games, and visit local establishments is a void that needed to be filled, and RGL rolled a nat 20 on this one.

— Matt, Marstons Mills