We know the feeling: If you’ve got to organize/attend one more golf tournament or silent auction you just may burst into tears.


Level up to something new, exciting and fun for everyone: Charity Game Night and Hungry Hungry Hippos Tournament.

Our 100% turnkey fund raisers feature Dave and Will who:

  • Act as MC’s ensuring everyone has fun

  • Bring up to 50 family-friendly party games — some familiar and some new — for your guests to enjoy

  • Secure the venue

  • Collect funds and deliver them to you

  • Organize much beloved (and funds-generating) Hungry Hungry Hippos Tournament.

Teams of two complete in a single-elimination bracket for the chance to hoist the RGL Hippo Cup, have their name immortalized on its base, take a selfie and join the elite fellowship of Hippo Champions.

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Get in touch to have us organize your game-fueled, fun(d)-raising event!