Screen-free time they’ll love

Critical thinking and strategy development happen when playing together face-to-face and with supervision. A role-playing game like Dungeons & Dragons creates an enriched learning environment that teaches valuable problem-solving skills and encourages social interaction. Kids have a blast and have no idea they are developing important critical thinking abilities. And it’s all screen-free.

What will happen next? It’s up to the Group of Adventurers, and The Dice, to decide!

What will happen next? It’s up to the Group of Adventurers, and The Dice, to decide!

Dungeons & Dragons Club for Kids,
Ages 10 and Up

D&D is a cooperative storytelling game in which your kids are the main characters. Together they work towards a goal, solve puzzles and defeat baddies, all while having a blast.

Over this six-week session, adventurers will:

  • Create a custom character and receive a custom character sheet.

  • Receive their own painted D&D miniature figure, representing their character.

  • Receive a full set of seven role playing game dice, plus a dice bag.

  • Receive a copy of the Basic D&D Rules, to keep the adventure going at home.

  • Play lots of Dungeons & Dragons.

  • Practice and learn teamwork, cooperation, flexibility and creative thinking skills.

Where and when:

  • We are currently holding three consecutive drop-in sessions at Osterville Village Library on Sunday September 8th, Sunday September 15th, and Sunday, September 22nd at $35/session. You can pay when you drop your adventurer off.

  • There is no D&D Kids Club on Sunday, September 29th.

  • The six-week Autumn Session will begin on Sunday, October 6th and run through November 10th.

Cost: $210 for all six weeks. Not sure if you’ll like it? Drop into a single Club date for $35. We accept credit cards, Venmo, cash and checks.