Fall Session Starts 10/6, Osterville Village Library, 12:00 PM


Dungeons & Dragons Club for Kids,
Ages 10 and Up

D&D is a cooperative storytelling game in which your kids are the main characters. Together they work towards a goal, solve puzzles and defeat baddies, all while having a blast.

Over this six-week session, adventurers will:

  • Create a custom character and receive a custom character sheet.

  • Receive their own painted D&D miniature figure, representing their character.

  • Receive a full set of seven role playing game dice, plus a dice bag.

  • Receive a copy of the Basic D&D Rules, to keep the adventure going at home.

  • Play lots of Dungeons & Dragons.

  • Practice and learn teamwork, cooperation, flexibility and creative thinking skills.

Where and when:

  • Our final session of Summer 2019 will take place on Sunday, September 22nd. Gamers may drop in at $35. Parents may pay when you drop your adventurer off.

  • There is no D&D Kids Club on Sunday, September 29th.

  • The six-week Autumn Session will begin on Sunday, October 6th and run through November 10th.

Cost: $210 for all six weeks. Not sure if you’ll like it? Drop into a single Club date for $35. We accept credit cards, Venmo, cash and checks.