Feature: Cape Cod Coffee

I drink a large mug of hot, black coffee each morning as I walk the dogs. That’s right - no sugar, no milk, no “extra-extra”, no mocha/frappa/soy… just hot water plus fresh grounds equalling hot caffeinated heaven!


It was an easy choice to partner with Cape Cod Coffee to host the Dream Day Fun-Raiser next Wednesday, Dec. 5th from 6:00-9:00pm, and not only because I already drink their amazing Sunrise Blend each morning!

Why Cape Cod Coffee?

  • Cape Cod Coffee is family-owned and operated, like the majority of Cape Cod businesses

  • They are committed to the community, as evidenced by over 25 Events they’ve supported in 2018 alone

  • They blend, roast and package more than 30 varieties of coffee in their Mashpee Headquarters

  • Their new Hyannis Café is a perfect place to host our Fun-Raiser - free parking, great food and lots of space for games!

Since we started this project two months ago, Owners Jan and Pam Aggerbeck, Hyannis Café Manager Steve Singer, and Marketing Manager Jillian Manning have been great partners - they’ll be ready with fresh coffee, delicious appetizers and a cash bar next Wednesday night.

Please buy your tickets before they get more expensive on Saturday - only $25!

Fun-raiser Event Host - Cape Cod Coffee Café inside Barnstable Airport!

Fun-raiser Event Host - Cape Cod Coffee Café inside Barnstable Airport!

Cup Stacking Tournament - Easy, Silly Fun!

The Official Cape Cod Coffee Stacking Cups!

The Official Cape Cod Coffee Stacking Cups!

You’ve seen the amazing videos, now try Cup-Stacking for yourself while raising extra money for Dream Day on Cape Cod!

That’s right, our Charity Game Night will have a Cup-Stacking Tournament - Below is a quick video that shows you how to learn.

Buy tickets for our Game Night Fun-raiser now, before they’re gone!