What is a "breadstick game?"

Anyone who’s ever eaten at an Olive Garden has had those warm, lovely bread sticks. No, they aren’t what you came for (Ok well they probably aren’t what you came for), despite their garlicky goodness. The breadsticks are meant to give you something to nibble on while you wait for your entree to arrive, and to get you in the mood to enjoy dinner.

Breadstick games work the same way. When sitting down to an afternoon or evening of board games, be it at your local board game cafe or at home, a few quick, simple games can get you in the mood to hunker down with a more substantial title. In this post, we’ll describe a few or our favorite breadstick games.



Kulami is an abstract strategy game for two players, who must arrange marbles on a randomly-generated board of wooden tiles. A player may claim a tile — and its points — by having the majority of his or her marbles on it. Ah, but there’s a bit of a catch: your opponent’s move dictates where you can place your marble.

Word A Round

This super-simple game takes seconds to learn, is fast-paced and light enough that you’ll want to play a couple of times. In it, players must flip over a card and be the first to read a word inside one of the card’s three concentric circles. It sounds simple enough, but each word is presented as one continuous string of letters, with no clear beginning or ending. It’s quick and funny.

Spot It

If you’ve ever played I Spy while enduring a long road trip, this one will be familiar. Spot It features circular cards bearing eight symbols each: snowman, whistle, lightning bolt and more. There is exactly one matching pair of symbols across any two cards. Your job, as you may have guessed, is to spot the pair before your opponents. There are five ways to play Spot It, though that core mechanic remains the same.


Sushi Go

Imagine you’re at your favorite Japanese restaurant, trying to piece together a meal from all of the delicious offerings. That’s the idea behind Sushi Go, a set-collection card game that has you gathering sashimi, tempura, wasabi into sets to score points. Played in three rounds, this quick game features cute art and fun gameplay.

Animal Upon Animal

This cute dexterity game from Germany has you stacking wooden animals on top of each other, without knocking the whole thing down. A roll of the die determines which animal you must place next, or lets your opponents decide. Each player starts with the same pool of oddly-shaped animals and it’s a wobbly race to see who can get rid of their menagerie first.


This son-of-Scrabble has more in common with a crossword puzzle. Players each have a collection of lettered tiles and must build off of each other’s words. But hold on, opponents may steal letters and more in their effort to become “top banana.”

There you have it. There are more, of course, but these are some of our favorites. These titles and more are available to play every week with us at Cape Cod Coffee in Mashpee Commons (map) from 12:00 - 4:00. If you have a breadstick game that you love, bring it! We’d love to give it a try.