New board game arrivals

We’re always looking for new and interesting games to add to our collection. Here are a few we’ve added recently, with a little something for everyone.

Monopoly Cheater’s Edition


Oh, Monopoly. The game designed to be more of a lesson than a game. Did you know that Monopoly was created by an American anti-monopolist called Lizzie Magie, who hoped her invention would explain the single tax theory of Henry George?

Are you excited to play yet?

Here’s what I remember of playing Monopoly as a kid: cheating. It was the only way to make it fun. The folks at Hasbro have now embraced the practice with Monopoly Cheater’s Edition. It plays much like typical Monopoly, with the addition of cheat cards. Several are placed on the board at the start, each listing a way to cheat, like taking money from the bank, stealing someone else’s property, lying about what that Community Chest card said, and so on. Anyone can cheat at any time, if they get away with it, the get the reward on the back of the cheat card. Get caught, and it’s off to jail with you…complete with handcuff! It takes what is typically a slog of a game and makes it fun. Plus, additional rules change things so that the game lasts about 60 minutes.



Root is an adventure and war game in which two to four players battle for control of a sprawling wilderness. Each faction of cute animals has its own agenda and game play style, which creates lots of opportunity for fun interaction between players.

The Marquise de Cat, for example, starts off controlling pretty much everything, and they aim to develop the forest with industry and buildings. Meanwhile the birds (deposed rulers of the forest) are on the march to take back what they believe is theirs while The Woodland Alliance work to rally the people against the mustering armies, biding their time in secret until a full-blown rebellion is incited.

If that’s not enough, the artwork is SO CUTE YOU MIGHT DIE. It so fun to get lost in your faction’s M.O. that the game becomes a much deeper experience than you’re expecting.

This Game Goes to Eleven


This simple, press-your-luck card game is inspired Nigel’s amp which was, of course, one louder. It’s a race to have cards that total exactly eleven, so you can hand them off. Go over eleven and be forced to take the entire pile. Be the first to get rid of all of your cards.

You can play any or all of these games with us as we pop up across Cape Cod:

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Let’s get together and play


We are experiencing a golden age of board games. I blame smartphones.

The mini computer you probably have in your pocket right now (and if not in your pocket, certainly within reach) is just short of a miracle. Nearly all of the world’s knowledge is available to you at any given moment:

Information is just the start. Phones keep us connected to fiends, family and co-workers far and wide. With just a tap we can see photos from the weekend at the beach or review the TPS report, properly stapled and ready for submission. It’s amazing.

However, every silver lining has its shroud of grey.

The connectedness can be relentless. The information can be addicting. Time spent “socializing” with countless people hundreds or thousands of miles away can feel…isolating. We yearn to disconnect from our phones and reconnect with our friends in a real, in-person way.

Enter board games. In 2016, Chris Reynolds wrote:

“We’re physical beings who like touch and tangibility, especially when engaging in shared activities. Companies are trying to replicate that by creating screens that vibrate when you touch them to try to give the person some sort of tactile feedback, but in a tabletop world you have that feedback right away. Handing someone cards, rolling dice, moving pieces on a board — these bring that game to life in a way that never happens if it’s just on the screen.”

Not only that, but playing together lets you see that smile that precedes a winning move, the cringe that accompanies and crushing defeat, and the laughter, chatter and sense of fun that happens in between.

Bored with digital games? Join the Board Game Resistance. Create fun, memorable times together.

May the dice always roll in your favor.