Cup Stacking Tournament - Easy, Silly Fun!

The Official Cape Cod Coffee Stacking Cups!

The Official Cape Cod Coffee Stacking Cups!

You’ve seen the amazing videos, now try Cup-Stacking for yourself while raising extra money for Dream Day on Cape Cod!

That’s right, our Charity Game Night will have a Cup-Stacking Tournament - Below is a quick video that shows you how to learn.

Buy tickets for our Game Night Fun-raiser now, before they’re gone!

Screen-Free Family Time over Thanksgiving Weekend? Here’s how to make it happen!

Build a Jenga Tower with family this week? Yes, please!

Build a Jenga Tower with family this week? Yes, please!

As we head into Thanksgiving Weekend, there are potential challenges for some of us:

  1. Too much Family

  2. Too much Food

  3. Too much Football

  4. Too much Shopping

  5. Not enough Gratitude

I’ll add a new challenge that infects all of the other ones: Too much Screen Time!

The good news? It’s possible to reduce Screen Time and increase family harmony and wellness over Thanksgiving Weekend.

How? Turn off the screens and turn on…a Board Game or Card Game!

Step 1: Find Them! Do you know where “Monopoly”, “Trivial Pursuit” or even that old copy of “Candyland” is located in your house? Do you see them in your mind right now? Great…now go and find them!

Step 2: Put Them in Plain Sight! Put the games in an obvious place where they can be seen as your family and friends arrive and hang out/eat/chill with you all week.

Step 3: Unplug, Play and Connect without Screens! Ask everyone to put their phones and/or tablets in a bag or on the kitchen counter, but away from the Game Table. Then, open the box and PLAY! Next comes laughter, happiness and the feeling of being present to your family and friends…while the digital world waits until after you’re done playing. In fact, you might even play another game!

Looking for more ways to add Screen-Free time to your life?