Quick update


Hello, gamers. Here’s a quick update on our hunt for a new gaming space.

I’m currently pursuing locations in Mashpee, as I know it’s convenient to most of our audience. I’m scheduled to have a conversation with Mashpee Library later today (Monday the 8th). It’s a very nice spot and they have a pair of big, clean, well-lit and open rooms. It looks like they’ve only got Saturdays open, so we’ll see what happens. Cross your fingers to wish us +1 luck!

The Boys & Girls Club is quite close to Mahspee Commons, and has rooms to rent, but at $75/hr it’s a bit outside what we’re willing to spend. I’m also looking at the Sandwich Recreation Center.

This is my main focus right now, so I hope to have an answer to you all soon. Thanks for your continued patience. We’ll get back to gaming together soon!