We’re moving

Update: here’s the latest on our search for a new place. —Dave

Hello gamers. A couple of quick announcements. First, there is no gaming this weekend. Go and enjoy your holiday.

Second, we’re moving out of Cape Cod Coffee. Now that summer is here, the cafe’s big crowds are back. Meanwhile, we’re attracting more gamers than ever and lastly, the cafe only seats 26. You see where this is going.

We’ll always love everyone at Cape Cod Coffee and we’ll forever be grateful for all the support we got over the last few months. However, we’re at a point where their customers and our gamers are competing for table space and that’s not good.

What does this mean for weekly game meetups?

Well I’m glad you asked. Currently we’re looking for a large room to use in a library or community center. One that we can use as our own space, spread out, make noise and have fun. To answer a few questions:

  1. Yes it will be in the Mashpee area

  2. Yes meetups will happen on Saturdays and Sundays

  3. Yes you may continue to bring games

  4. Food and drink will be BYO

We don’t have a timeline yet but I want to get a place secured sooner rather than later, so look out for that. I’ll let you all know.

I realize it’s an interruption but this is a good thing. We have lots of amazing regulars (that’s you folks), and soon we’ll have a place where we can game, spread out, maybe have longer hours, and play more games.

Thanks for sticking with us and finally a huge thanks to Cape Cod Coffee. We wouldn’t have the “problem” of too many customers without the generosity and support they showed us over the last few months. Onward!