The big update


Hello all, Dave here. As you know, moved out of Cape Cod Coffee for the summer earlier this month. Since then we’ve been looking for a new place to meet up. I’m afraid we’ve done a poor job of communicating progress towards that goal. I apologize for that. That was not a good move. Here’s where we are now.

The not-so-good news

We’ve looked into several spaces, including libraries, community centers, and public spaces, and ran into several issues with each. The libraries we spoke to won’t let a room to for-profit ventures (but not all, more on that later), while others were cost-prohibitive. For example, the Barnstable Community Center has a nice space off of exit 5, but charges $120 per two hours for non-residents of Barnstable Village, or $800/year for for-profit ventures. Meanwhile, we’re also hearing, “We have space, but not in the summer.” Which brings us to the good news.

The good news


We are rolling with advantage, however, and the second die has come up in better than the first. I’ve been speaking with the Osterville Village Library and they’re very friendly towards entrepreneurs. They have beautiful rooms, are less expensive than all the other options we’ve looked at and, like I said, are very supportive of local businesses. I plan on visiting this week to get a tour of the place and talk start date. This would start maybe in the end of August, so it’s a bit of a delay.* But it looks very good.

Next, Hyannis. I can’t share a lot of detail on this as it’s in the “newborn baby stage,” but there is a brand-new space opening up in Hyannis that is specifically meant to be a collaborative space for all sorts of local businesses, and educational ventures. It’s got a nice lobby and several rooms, a nice bathroom and plenty of parking. It’s also accessible to those with disabilities with a ramp and wheelchair-sized doorways. I’ve met with the owner a few times now and RGL is in. Like, fully in, which is very exciting. We’ll have a beautiful room, on-site storage, advertising space in the lobby and more. The catch is this will be ready in the November/December neighborhood, so Will and I are thinking of it as RGL Winter. Perhaps we’ll open with Spooky RPG Night. Ten Candles, anyone?

Lastly, I’m scheduled to talk with Quashnet Valley Grille this week. File this under “potential” and “maybe,” but it could get us started sooner rather than later. Which brings me to the third half of this post: What have you guys been up to, and what the heck is going on?

What have you guys been up to and what the heck is going on?

OK, here’s the “full transparency” portion of this post. We’re looking at public spaces — recreation centers, libraries, the space in Hyannis — because they’ll offer us much greater freedom. While we’ll always be grateful and appreciative of Cape Cod Coffee, as they gave us an incredible break/opportunity, we were a guest in their space. Being the polite guest that RGL was, we had to ensure that we weren’t too loud, taking up too much space, staying too late or bothering the cafe’s regulars who simply want to sit down with a coffee. There were times, as you all know, that we were a little too loud, took up a little too much space and stayed a little too long. This stressed me out as well as the cafe staff. We’re looking to avoid that in the future.

If we do end up in a space that’s meant to be used by a member of the community for his or her purposes, things will be different. For example, at the Osterville Library, and in the space in Hyannis, those restrictions won’t be there. We won’t own the space, true, but we will be able to:

  • Be loud without bothering anyone

  • Decorate however we want

  • Arrange furniture however we want

  • Bring many more games to each event

  • Stay late

  • Have retail space

  • Have advertising space for our products (D&D Club, After-School Club, etc.)

That’s going to be very nice. It’ll be a better experience for you, for us, and for the space’s ownership. I know it’s a delay but the result will be a better RGL experience; an experience more in line with what we want to deliver.

So what is that experience?

So what is that experience, Dave? Well I’ll tell you (+1 transparency coming you way). The future of RGL is four main products:

  1. D&D Clubs, kids and adults

  2. Corporate Fund Raisers

  3. Meetups

  4. Special Events

Let’s look at each.

D&D Club


By far, our most popular product is D&D Club. What started with literally two kids turned into three sessions per week, with interest growing. Additionally, our first (and only, so far) D&D group for adults attracted eight people, with minimal marketing effort on our part. D&D Club is going to be a big part of our future, with a focus on adults. Here’s how.

Since we last saw each other, Will and I have been building what we’re calling the D&D library. It goes way beyond books. We now have, ready to go:

  • Dozens of maps on foamcore. Villages, forests, beach scenes, temples, dungeons, castles…on and on. All printed, sturdy and ready to go. All of these will be available to DMs. Need a cave system for your adventure? There it is, ready to go. Want a library, tavern, hovel, chapel or cliffside altar? Ready to go.

  • Terrain. I’ve been building huts, houses and other structures for DMs to use. You have a village with three houses and a hag hovel? You got it. Arrange things however your adventure/encounter demands.

  • Minis. I’ve printed and assembled literally hundreds of paper minis, all sorted into labeled bins. You say your encounter needs seven Kenku, two bandits and an earth elemental? You got it. Just grab them out of the bins and play.

  • Dice. Everyone loves their own dice but we’ll have dozens of sets on hand and ready to use.

  • Tokens. This is a part of map-building. Perhaps your encounter has specific requirements: a wooded clearing with a fallen tree, two large boulders, a berry bush and a smoldering campfire. We have tokens representing all of those things, so you can set up the map precisely how you want. It’s all modular and ready to go.

  • Adventures. Write your own, bring something pre-published or borrow one from our ever-growing library.

  • Snacks. Yes, we’ll provide light snacks to D&D Clubs, too.

  • Pencils, pencil sharpeners, character sheets and erasers. Gotta record that sweet, sweet XP.

  • Books. DM Guides, Player’s Guides and Monster Manuals (5E).

The idea is a turn-key solution for people who want to play Dungeons and Dragons. Significantly reduce your prep time as well as all the stuff you’ve got to lug back and forth. Bring your friends and your imagination, we provide literally everything else.

The cost will be $10 per session, or you can buy a block of 10 for $80 (if you’re running a campaign). DMs are free.

Corporate Fund Raisers

You may have seen our Hungry Hungry Hippos Tournament and Game Night fund raiser that we’ve done in the past. We’re going to continue with these in 2019 and beyond.


Many of you have been to our meetups before. We get together and play board games. It’s great fun, and Will and I really love it. Here’s what’s in store for RGL Meetups in the future.

  1. Free. First and foremost, RGL Meetups will always be free. No more $5 per meetup. Let’s get together, enjoy each other’s company and play lots of games.

  2. More games. As I said earlier, we plan to be in a space that lets us bring more games to each meetup, so that will be awesome.

  3. Longer hours. Let’s get some brain-burners to the table that take a good four hours to play and not feel rushed!

Special Events

This is something new we’re adding. Special events with RGL might include:

  • Party Games Night at the new Cape Cod Coffee in Mashpee Commons

  • Themed RPG Night. Halloween, nerd culture, etc.

  • Beer, Burgers and Board Games. Kinda self-explanatory.

  • Game Designer events. Come meet and play games with a published designer.

  • Game-themed collaborations with other local businesses.

These special events arranged by us will feature curated games, giveaways, prizes and other special stuff. There will be a charge for special events.

So, there’s the update. Whew, I now have two levels of exhaustion after that (save ends)! To sum up…

First and foremost, we apologize for the radio silence. It was wrong, and it won’t happen again. We value you, our customers, tremendously. Please forgive us.

Second, RGL Fall 2019 is looking awesome. We’re genuinely excited about it, and we hope you are too. We’ve got focus and a plan, all of which means fun, gaming, camaraderie and friendship for all of us. Please stay in touch. Speaking of…

We’ve decided to take this opportunity to formalize communication with our fans. We created a newsletter that’s non-spammy, infrequent and exploding with information about what we’re up to, where and when (OK not exploding but you get the idea). If you want to receive it, send your email address to us via the contact form.

Lastly, join our Meetup. We’re going to start sharing exclusive stuff with our followers on Meetup, starting later today. Promotions, peeks behind the scenes, early access to cool stuff, discounts. You people have been with us since the beginning and this will be an ongoing thank you.

OK, enough rambling. Have a great day and we’ll talk to you real soon. Promise.

*Update: Game Day at the library starts Sept. 8 at 12:00 PM.