What games are on your phone?

It’s true that we love tabletop games. Our whole business is about bringing people to the table to play and have fun. Does that mean we never play mobile video games? Of course not.

The list is pretty short, but we do have a few games on our iPhones. Here are the games that the board game guys keep on their phones.



For my money, this is hands-down the best example of a tabletop game on a mobile device. It looks, feels and plays just like its analog counterpart. The art is gorgeous and the soundtrack is thoroughly catchy. You can play with a random stranger via the Internet, with an AI opponent or, if you and a partner have devices on the same Wi-Fi network, play together.

Bored with the base game? Several expansions available via in-app purchase, specifically:

  • Two Rivers

  • Abbot

  • Abbot, River and German Cathedrals

  • River

  • Inns and Cathedrals

…and more. It’s very nice to have such a well-done iteration of this modern classic in your pocket.

Lost Cities

lost cities iphone

Brace yourself: the second game on my list is yet another mobile translation of a tabletop title. The idea is to stack cards in numerical order, gathering points while your opponent competes to do the same. Think of it as "two player Solitaire with an extra portion of suspense". It’s a perfect pick-up-and-play title, and much like Carcassonne, you can play against friends, strangers or AI opponents.


This light strategy game is simple enough to learn within a few seconds, and challenging enough to keep yo coming back for more. You’re presented with a 7x7 grid of floating “blocks” of various colors. The objective is to eliminate blocks by tapping them away, while simultaneously scoring sets. Five red, four black, etc. Of course, your opponent is trying to do the same. Will you gather the blocks you need, or accidentally present the other player with exactly the opportunity they need? It’s a lot of fun and beautiful to boot.

Kingdom Rush

Oh, I love a good tower defense game and this is far and away my favorite. Each level presents you with new enemies to prevent from traveling from Point A to Point B via various buildings, soldiers and weapons. The look is cartoony and lovely, with a delightfully tongue-in-cheek theme that as just the right amount of self-aware goofiness.

So there you have four mobile games that the board game guys love. Of course, if you ever want to play the analog versions Carcassonne or Lost Cities in person, you can easily join us and do so. Game on, gamers.