Gather Your Party


Grab a seat at the table staring Sunday, September 8th at Osterville Village Library, 12:00 PM

We host weekly, casual format gatherings new and experienced players of 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons. We have numerous campaigns run by volunteer Dungeon Masters happening each week. Players with little to no experience with role-playing games, or are returning after a long absence, are all welcome. Ages 18+.

We provide:

  • Dice

  • Beautiful, full-color maps

  • 3D terrain, like villages, huts and buildings.

  • Hundreds of minis, labeled and organized.

  • Snacks. Adventuring is hungry work.

  • Adventures, from one-shots to involved campaigns.

  • Official rule books (no need to lug your own).

  • Pre-generated 5e characters (or BYO).

  • Pencils and character sheets.

Plus tables, chairs, and a clean, comfortable, reliable place to play with your friends (or make new ones).

We are starting on Sunday, September 8th at 12:00 PM. Want to play? Let us know.


There will be a $10 door charge for all players (DMs are free). You can also purchase our discounted $80 Encounters Pass which covers TEN entries.

No more working out who’s hosting, who’s DM’ing, who can and can’t make it. We take care of all of that. You just have fun. To adventure!