Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) is a cooperative storytelling game in which your kids are the main characters. Together they work towards a goal, solve puzzles and defeat baddies, all while having a blast. All levels are welcome! Never played before? Veteran who owns every book? All adventurers are welcome here.


Over each six-week session, kids will:

  • Create a custom character and receive a custom character sheet.

  • Receive their own D&D miniature figure (game piece) custom painted by me to represent their character.

  • Receive a full set of seven role-playing game dice, customized to compliment their character, plus a dice bag.

  • Receive a copy of the Basic D&D Rules, to keep the adventure going at home.

  • Play lots of Dungeons & Dragons.

  • Practice and learn teamwork, cooperation, and creative thinking.

Where and when:

We have two meetup locations: Osterville and Harwich

Harwich Community Center

We meet on Saturdays at the Harwich Community Center from 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM. The Winter I session dates are:

  • Nov. 30

  • Dec. 7

  • Dec. 14

  • Dec. 21

  • Dec. 28

  • Jan. 4

Osterville Village Library

We meet on Sundays at the library from 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM. The Winter I session dates are:

  • Dec. 1

  • Dec. 8

  • Dec. 15

  • Dec. 22

  • Dec. 29

  • Jan. 5


$25 per session or $150 for all six weeks. Not sure if you’ll like it? Drop into a single club date for $25.

Parents may pay for the full session by clicking the “Buy Tickets” button below, or in person when dropping your adventurer off. If you prefer, you may also pay $25 week-by-week at the library. Cash, checks, cards, and Venmo accepted.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. My son/daughter has never played D&D before. Is that OK? Absolutely! I’ll provide everything your child needs to play and have a great time. Absolutely no experience necessary.

  2. Is there anything I need to buy? Nope! I’ll provide your child with a custom-painted playing piece (miniature), a full set of hand-selected dice and a dice bag, a bound copy of the basic rules and character sheets. All they need to bring is their imagination.

  3. What if I’m not sure my child will like it? They can drop in for a single session and try it out. I’ll do my best to make sure it’s a positive experience.

  4. Can I pay for a full session at once or week by week? Yes and yes. Pay for full session at once if you like (click “Buy Tickets” above), or week-by-week as you arrive at the library. Both scenarios are fine.

  5. How do sessions work? I have two six-week sessions per season: Winter I, Winter II, Spring I, Spring II, Summer I, Summer II, Fall I and Fall II. After one session ends there’s a week off and then the subsequent session begins. You can keep track of all the details on the calendar.

  6. Do you have a reschedule/makeup policy? Yes. If your child will be absent from a session that you've pre-paid for, you will receive a single-session credit that you can apply to the following session. For example, if you child will miss a day of Fall I that you've already paid for, they will receive $25 credit towards a session of Fall II. Please send me an email prior so that I'll be aware of your child's absence.

    Additionally, if bad weather forces us to cancel a session, all pre-paid participants will receive credit for that missed day.

  7. How does pickup work? To help ensure your child’s safety, I must see the adult who is retrieving each child before they leave. If the adult who typically does the pickup is unavailable, please send me an email or text identifying who will be doing the pickup in their place, so that I can be assured your child is meant to leave with this unfamiliar (to me) adult.